XP is commonly gained in 2 ways:
- Failing any roll with a set DC
- Drawing a Khyber or Siberys card from the Inspiration Deck

When you take a short or long rest and have XP equal to (or greater than) your (current level /2) + 7 (round down), you can reflect on your experiences and hone your skills. Subtract your (current level/2) + 7 (round down) from your XP and increase your level by 1.


Players are rewarded cards from the Inspiration Deck by the GM for great roleplaying, creative descriptions, funny one liners and so forth and so on.

Eberron Card (Red): Grants player Advantage.
Khyber Card (Black): Grants player 1 XP, but also gives DM Advantage.
Siberys Card (White): Grants player both Advantage and 1 XP.


This rule replaces a character’s proficiency bonus with a proficiency die. Instead of adding a proficiency bonus to an ability check, an attack roll, or saving throw, the character’s player rolls a die. Whenever a feature, such as the rogue’s Expertise, lets a character double his or her proficiency bonus, the player rolls the character’s proficiency die twice instead of once.

Level …………. Proficiency Die
1st-4th ……… 1d4
5th-8th ……… 1d6
9th-12th ……. 1d8
13th- 16th …. 1d10
17th-20th ….. 1d12


Roll a d20 + proficiency die when you reach 0 HP:

9 or less : You’re dead. Specify how your character is still there fighting in spirit alongside the other party members. Come up with some story about what your character has done that could boost party morale. The GM may grant any ally a +2 bonus to attacks, AC, ect. based on the story.
10-14 : Unconscious, with permanent consequences. Consult the Injury Table below.
15 and higher : Unconscious and stable.
Nat 20! : The blow isn’t as bad as it looks. Regain one hit dice of HP immediately.

Injury Table
Roll 2d6
2 Unmentionables: Reproduction is out of the question without miracle surgery or magic.
3-4 Arm: Roll left or right arm randomly; it’s unusable.
5-9 Guts: Your hero catches one somewhere between the crotch and the chin.
Roll 1d6:
1-2 Broken: Dex reduced by d4.
3-4 Battered: Con reduced by d4.
5-6 Busted: Strength reduced by d4.
10 Leg: Speed halved.
11-12 Head: A grievous injury to the head.
Roll 1d6:
1-2 Hideous Scar: Cha reduced by d4.
3-4 Discombobulated: Wis reduced by d4.
5-6 Brain Damage: Int reduced by d4.


Every character has a character theme song on the battle music playlist. Whenever that song comes up, their character gains an Inspiration Card.

Connor: 46 and 2 by Tool (O’Keefe kids cover)
Jane: Los Dos Laredos/Acordeones by Jaime y Los Chamacos
-Jessufar: Children of Darkness by Nightcore-
Malgrim: A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat


ANCIENT EBERRON Gradiator Gradiator