Merry Axmas!

Funeral Fire for Fungal Follies

Our heroes rush out of blazing giant ant hill to find an army of ants from a neighboring ziggurat. The ant leader introduces himself as Ban and explains that his scouts saw smoke and he brought his soldiers to investigate. They appreciate the ronin stopping the spread of the fungal infection and ask if they’ll be guests at the funeral pyre. The party obliged and witnessed the ants solemn funerary dances. Our adventurers said farewell to the ants and returned to camp to check in on Pop, Snap, and Crack. They feast on cream corn seasoned with dinosaur meat with blueberry tarts for dessert and recieve parting gifts from Murok and Pramela. Pii’treb sticks around to offer the party a proposition in the morning.

Angelic Harpies

Jane awoke to a find her body has had a strange reaction to the royal jelly she had eaten the day before. She sprouted an ant leg from the right side of her body during her sleep! She decided it wasn’t hurting anything so she leaves it be. Pii’treb tells his new friends that honor demands he repay them for saving his life. He asks them to accompany him to the Eldeen Reaches where he has a cache of goods that would serve them well. Pii’treb’s hideaway in a webbed up dead tree. After divvying up the treasure the party is attacked by a couple of harpies that have come to rescue their sister who got trapped in Pii’treb’s webs. After subduing the harpies with plans to form a marine themed brothel ship in the future the adventures listen to Pii’treb talk about the orc lumberjack andgift giving festival known as Axmas…

Lumbering Around

Our heroes traveled to Axnard, the Axmas capital, with Pii’treb to sell alcoholic royal jellies called jawslackers to the celebrators. They participated in the Axmas parade as goblin emissaries. They dominated in the lumberjack games and won the gift making contest with Axmas Queen Greta selecting their magical legos as her favorite toy. Dire boar and cider is feasted on while enjoying the huge bonfire.

This Party Has Gone Ape Shit!

During the late hours of the festival disaster strikes! Wild baboons and elven snipers attack Axnard! The party shakes off their drunken stupor and rise to the challenge to fight the baboons but the tricksy elf bastards have made off all the orc children of Axnard! Will our heroic ronin be able to rescue Axmas? Tune in next week!


Gradiator Gradiator

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