Ant Life a Bitch?

Making Mountains Out of Ant Hills

An ant colony has been taken over by a mutated fungus. Our heroic party of ronin and their halfling guides have taken it upon themselves to clean up and prevent the spread of the horrible mind ravaging fungal spores. Maybe they’ll find something worth a few coins while they’re at it.

Sort This Out

In the ants sorting room Jessufar set fire to some of the fungus (while Malgrim and Jane make a chimney) then the group slays about a half dozen of the poor wretched worker ants.

A Cure for What Doesn’t Ail You

Here in the “Troll Curing Room” the party encountered Pii’treb the spider envoy hiding under some rags. Pii’Treb was understandably frantic so the party calmed him with a powerful artistic performance. Connor and Malgrim acted out a dueling dance-off while Jane created visual effects with her magic and Jessufar provided music on drums. Their new arachnid ally helped them seal off the mines using his web so the party might stand a better chance escaping this cursed ziggurat. Malgrim and Jessufar acquire a couple of orbs of royal jelly.

The Bloody Brood Hall

The party had need of the head of a solider ant to unlock the door to the queens chamber. They got more than they bargained for when four solider ants dropped from a hole burrowed in the ceiling. Jane was soon downed. Tiny grey fungal spores in the air ate away metallic arms and armor. Connor died, his heart ripped out by murderous mandibles. Chances or survival started to look grim. Malgrim brought Jane back to consciousness with a dose of royal jelly. Fickle fate smiled and it looked as if the ronin party would prove victorious. A flub in a simple necromancy spell taps powers beyond her ken and Jane ripped a portal to Dolurrh, the realm of death. A beautiful and terrible spectral entity steps forth from the portal and mends Connors chest replacing the gaping wound with a strange runic scar that glows an eerie blue. The party won their prize of an ants head. But now Connor has the strangest thirst…

To be continued!


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