For a Few Axes More

I Just Want My Orc Kids Back

Well, the day after Axmas was a sad affair. Replacing the laughter and glee of Orcish children playing with their new toys was the sobbing grief of their parents. Elves had kidnapped the children with the help of an enormous white haired, horned creature while our ronin heroes were contending with the surprise attack by a baboon the night before. An unruly or named Scroog blamed the newcomers, saying it wasn’t enough to win at the Axmas games, they had to steal the children too. With no love for elves, and their honor on the line, the group of ronin swear to save the children or die trying. ((Malgrim)) invokes the Rite of Honor Arms to prove his seriousness about the quest. The Rite entails he swap his family daisho for a couple of axes belonging to the orc families. While tracking the kidnappers North towards Mount Myra the party encounters Walking Klawen, an Orc druid who has heard of the the parties quest and gifts them potent healing apple ciders so they might prove victorious.

Defiling the Defilers

Up Mount Myra the trail goes, getting colder but not cold. The ronin are led to a strange ruin. The Stellarium of Saint Kring Indo, a powerful bugbear cryomancer/diviner from an ancient age. In past battles with elves Kring would divine the movements of elven armies and destroy them with deadly summoned blizzards. The Icy Scourge of Elves was entombed in his Stellarium but what were the Elves doing here? The ronin party investigates further…

Inside the first chamber of the Stellarium the murals on the walls have been desecrated with crude drawings. A statue of Saint Kring had been taken off its dais with elven snowmen surrounding it performing lewd acts. Iroh relived himself of spent sake on one of the snowelves when the rest suddenly sprang into action and attacked the party! During the fight pairs of huge ravens and wolves dragged the party to a sarcophagus chamber hidden behind an ice wall.

More than a sarcophagus chamber however, this was also the home of a huge glowing brain formed of ice that housed Kring’s disembodied consciousness. The party learns from Kring that the elves are here to steal relics from his past conquests and that theyve sealed the door leading directly to his underground workshop maze. He is infuriated the elves killed and made undead Puskram, his Yetitaur. Puskram was his oldest creation and friend and tasks the ronin with returning krampus’ body. He also tells them of a secret way into the maze but they would have to confront his powerful mount, the Renslepi…

Oh What Fun it is to Ride in a One Renslepi Chariot!

The Renslepi’s lair was at the top of Mount Myra but the party decided to collect some cinnacarrots from an overgrown garden to appease the Renselpi. The creature resting in a pool of lava at the top of the mountain. After coaxing it with soothing words and cinnacarrots they strap the fire breathing, nine headed, eight legged, reindeer/hydra/phoenix monstrosity to Kring’s war chariot and take off into the pool of lava!


Gradiator Gradiator

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