Ant Life (Still) a Bitch?

Troll Trouble

The group took time to catch a second wind and repair equipment damaged by the iron destroying grey spores. Things quickly got hot under the collar when Murok came screaming down the corridor with something in hot pursuit. A blazing, fungus infested troll dragging a stoic gnome behind it had been awoken by Murok’s poking about. The ronin fell the vile beast and introduced themselves to the gnome slave named Iroh. The party back tracked a bit to follow up on a tip Murok gave about a hidden cache of treasure in a previous room. After another good respite contemplating life around the fungus fire they decided to press on to the queens chamber.

The Queen is Am Us, Long Live the Am Us

The pincher lock mechanism unlocked the huge sandstone door which gave way to a horrific sight. The room was draped in mutation fungus. At the center of the chamber was the mutated queen with a pulsating egg sac spouting forth malformed ant mites. Sleep enchantments, javelins, furious strikes, icy blasts, fastball specials, and vampiric lighting, the ronin spared nothing from their arsenal of death to stop this abomination of nature and it paid off. Pii’treb collected what royal jelly he could to sell to the orc tribes in the Eldeen Reaches. The ronin decided to sanitize the hive with fire and get the blazes out of there!

Tune in next week!


Gradiator Gradiator

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